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Engineering Development         Manufacturing Test         Functional Test

Calibration/ Adjustment               Repair/Debug                  Production Test

Software Configuration               Automated Test               System Integration

Test in EMI/RFI Chambers           Field Repair Support      Basic Research

Our systems can make several of your efforts and problems much
smaller, and probably save you money as well.

Our systems can be customized for or by you, the end-user, to meet a wide variety of custom

- Ever have to hook up an instrument or two, plus power, to debug a board?  Connecting 40 channels
of logic analyzer probes may take 20 minutes.  
The Mousetrap provides pogo-pin connections to the
pins and locations of your choice.  Connections are quick and reliable, and counting pins to find the
right one is a thing of the past.  Click on
Engineering Development / Debugging for more information.

New Product Introduction is a high-pressure activity.  Your product needs to go to market now, so
you need a high yield from Manufacturing, but Manufacturing has never built your New Product before.  
You need Functional Test to solve initial yield problems.  
The Mousetrap and Drawer Systems
provide inexpensive functional test solutions. If you re-use the one built for Engineering, it might be
almost free.

- Once the Manufacturing line has been tuned (via a
Initial Production Run/ Limited Production Run),
you may still need to Calibrate or Adjust your products.  Perhaps you need only to load and configure
the latest software, or perhaps you sell different
Software Configurations to different customers.

- Perhaps your have a periodic production run, or are a small company or lab, with very proprietary
products, and choose to do functional test, calibration, adjustment, etc., in a secure location.  With our
systems, you still get the benefits of factory automation.

-  Perhaps your production volume will be such that you probably need one of our competitor's
functional test systems.  No problem.  Move
The Mousetrap or Drawer System to your Calibration/
Adjustment or Rework/RMA areas.  Use a little on-site factory automation to maximize your profits

- Sometimes,
several components need to be integrated, tested and verified.  A modern avionics
system is a reasonable example.  The Drawer System makes the building and functional test of a
system, IN PARALLEL with the structural development effort, possible and  easy.  If a  bug is detected,
the accessibility makes swapping in Gold Units, to isolate bugs, quick and easy.  For tougher
problems, removing the individual boards from the suspect unit, and placing them in one or more
Mousetraps, and then connecting the Mousetraps to the rest of the system.
System Integration is
easier now.

-  Sometimes, being able to
provide Factory-level services in the field is needed. The Mousetrap or
Drawer, as part of The 90% Solution, or with your instruments, can provide manufacturing test at the
Factory-level, anywhere in the field.  If deployable, automated test is of interest, click

- Sometimes, parts and a fixture to make a generic workstation is needed.  Perhaps something
non-magnetic, perhaps something for high voltage (
~500,000V).  We have a non-magnetic version of
the Mousetrap and the Drawer (no iron, nickel, etc.), and a high voltage version of the Cartridge.
Contact us for details.

These are some of the reasons for the website name:

Click here  to view the current Products and Parts.

Click here to view the current Functional Test Solutions and Systems.
Our functional test solutions and test fixtures are reconfigurable and reusable.  If your
manufacturing test needs change, our functional test systems can easily adapt.
Our products and functional test systems are calculable cost items. You know the costs
involved up front in almost all cases, and can budget, schedule and manage accordingly.
Our average employee has over 22 years of relevant technical experience.  
The minimum experience is level is 20 years.
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New Products

19 March 2006 Cable Converter Boards
Cable Converter Boards (CCBs) provide an easy interface between standard 100 and 68-pin High
Density cables, as used on many PXI- and PC-based instrument cards, and the outside world.All
boards are wired pin-to pin, from the connector to jumper pins.

Connecting a 64-ch DAQ (100-pin HD connector) to a wirewrap board is now easy.  Disconnecting
the DAQ is now easy too, since the CCB can be mounted to the wirewrap board.

If you've ever wanted to make a couple of jumper connections to a cable, CCBs make it easy and
reliable.  There is plenty of room for many J-hook connections.

Boards currently available (specify male or female connector):
100-pin HD  
 68-pin HD  
 34-pin IDC
   9-pin DB-9.

Other pincounts coming soon.

See the Mousetrap Partsfor more details.

15 May 2005 PunchPlugs
PunchPlugs make mass ethernet connections easy.  The loopback version makes testing of all
ethernet ports easy, whether on the production floor or in a rack in the field.  A punch (not very hard)
is all it takes.  The connector variety combines custom connection configurations with the ease of a
simple connection movement.  No more guessing which cable goes to which port.  PunchPlugs are  
available in loopback and connector
1x- and 2x4, 2x6, 2x6 staggered and 2x8 configurations.
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Mousetrap     Functional Test Systems

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- Engineering Development
- Engineering Debugging

- Functional Test System
- New Product Introduction
- Initial Production Run      
- Limited Production Run
- Periodic Production & Test
- Software Configuration
- Calibration/ Adjustment
- Functional Test Solution

- Rework / Debug
- Calibration / Adjustment
- Software Reload

- System Integration / V&V

- Field Cal / Adjustment
- Field Maintenence / Repair
- On-Site Refurbishment       


2x8, 2x4 and 2x6
Loopback variety

A 100-pin HD Cable
convertor Board

The Mousetrap

Mousetrap makes fixtures and
workstations for probing
electrical signals on PC boards:

and mass-connection fixtures for
assembled products:

Engineering Development,
Functional Test, Repair and
System Integration are now easier.