System Integration is one activity that should be simple, but never is.  All
parts of the system should work, but there's always a bug or two that appear.

When a bug appears, having the facilities of a
functional test system on
hand would be extremely convenient

With The Mousetrap and Drawer Systems and your wiring harness, a complete
system can be built.
 When a suspect component is encountered, replacing it with a
"known good" one is easy and quick.

Ever have a need to put one component of a system in a chamber (EMI/RFI,
etc.) for test,
but not the rest of the system?  With the Mousetrap and Drawer, only
slightly longer cables, and a cart or two, are needed.  Test as much or as little of your
system in a specialized environment as you desire.

Both the Mousetrap and Drawer allow the units they support to be
This means that if you've set up your test suite correctly, when a bug is encountered,
enabling various instruments (logic analyzers, etc.) and restarting the test gives you a
much better chance of catching the bug.

Sometimes, a unit needs to be disassembled in order to instrument one of its PC
Boards.  Disconnect the appropriate Drawer, and connect to one or more Mousetraps.

Sometimes, building the electronics / electrical / electromechanical systems has to wait
for the mechanical structure (airframe, hull, etc.) of the project to progress to a certain
With the Mousetrap and Drawer, work on a real system may begin
(i.e., in parallel lines on your schedule).

Sometimes, the
System Design needs to be checked.  Occasionally, assumptions are
made about "
interoperability", "compatibility", or even power consumption that turn
out to be wrong.  Sometimes a device has an EMI issue that no one knew about (Once,
long ago, a certain PC would erase FDs that were placed next to it.  Remember?).  
Finding out sooner, rather than later, is good.

What happens when a component is replaced by a different one?  No problem.  Cut a
new connector plate for the appropriate Drawer (save the old one, in case the design
change was not a good one), make the appropriate connections, and resume schedule.

Perhaps a high-level repair system needs to be built, and possibly copied and fielded.  
Mousetrap (the company and the products) makes this easy

With Mousetrap (the company and the products) ,
System Integration, V&V, Repair,
etc., are easy
Connecting several Mousetraps and Drawers together gives you, the customer,
unparalleled flexibility in System Design, System Integration, and Repair.  

We're not sure that anyone else offers this sort of capability.
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