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1.  PunchPlugs        New
2. Cables
2-2x8 loopback PunchPlugs connected to a switch
                         2.  Cables

120/240VAC Power cable

Control 120/240VAC with this cable.
Use a 5VDC relay to control the relay
shown with the cable.
Hot and Neutral are controlled
Ground remains connected

30VDC Power cable                                              30VDC Power Connector cable
Pogo-pin recepticles (left), tinned ends (right)        Tinned ends (left), lug ends (right)

Measurement cable (1meter, shielded)    Measurement cable (1meter, unshielded)
Ferrules (left), pogo-pin receptacles (right)     Pogo-pin receptacles (left), ferrules (right)
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                                 1.  PunchPlugs

These are stand-alone ethernet connectors, available as either dedicated
loopback devices or with ethernet connectors for external cables.

To make mass ethernet connections, simply punch the plug into an ethernet

Use the loopback version to make testing and diagnostic connections anywhere,
anytime.  Now, checking every port while still in the field (even while still in the
rack) is trivial.

Use the connector version (not shown) to make custom connections.  Whether on
the production floor or a field installation, connecting 32 ethernet cables now
takes 4 motions, and the wiring is always the same.

Making repeated connections is now a trivial matter.  No more guessing which
cable connects to which port.

Available in 1x- and 2x4, 2x6, 2x6 staggered and 2x8.       Call or e-mail for pricing.

Loopback styles shown (l-r)
                  2x8                     2x4               2x6 staggered.
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