Mousetrap Company Information

Mousetrap Hours of Operation       Monday through Friday, 8:00am-4:00pm Pacific Time.

Mousetrap Shipping Policy              All items shipped FOB Milpitas California.

Purchasing Mousetrap Products
  1. Due to a number of "spam" e-mails, we have shut the on-line ordering facility off, until further
  2. All products are for sale, but you must send us a Purchase Order.

  Contact us via e-mail at
info "at" for information.
  1. We regret having to institute this policy, and we regret the inconvenience thereby generated,
    but we must protect our selves and our customers.
  2. As per our "Other Policies" (see below), we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

Mousetrap Refund Policy

1.  Mousetrap Products
We will gladly refund your money on all Mousetrap products returned within 24 hours of receipt,
less shipping and a 25% restocking fee, provided all items are unused, in their original packaging,
and suitable or resale.  All software must be unopened, unregistered and unused..

Mousetrap VAR and Resale Products.
Currently, there are none.  This will change very soon.  

 "The 98% Solution"
All hardware and mechanical items, and purchased software that are part of The 98% Solution and
are purchased from Mousetrap
are subject to the relevant applicable preceding policies.

Consulting services are not provided by Mousetrap, and therefore the rates, agreements, refund
policies, etc., are between you, the contractee, and the consultant(s) that you hire.

4.  All sales via the website are credit-card-only sales, for obvious reasons.
Certain items are not available through the webstore, due to cost.  You must send us a purchase          
order, credit references, etc., in order to make one of these purchases.
All items are available via purchase order.
All purchase orders are subject to credit checks prior to acceptance.
All items are COD.  Sorry, we do not have credit accounts yet.  We expect something soon.

Do you prefer to lease equipment?  We can do this.  We have the ability.  Send us an inquiry, with        
the items desired, plus your company information, and we will get back to you.

Other Mousetrap Policies

1.  We reserve the right to change and/or upgrade product appearance, materials and/or
specifications without notice.  Continuous improvement, continuous cost reduction and similar
policies are pipe-dreams, but continuous product and process monitoring and review are not.

2.  We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.  We are being subjected to quite a lot of
"phishing", international e-mails of a certain sort, and spam.  Extra care concerning business
practices protects us, but it also helps protect you.

Mousetrap Corporate Offices
322 San Miguel Ct. #2
Milpitas, CA 95035

(408) 263-5963

address    info                              .                         ..   
  . .         at         .         .                       use the@sign
     mousetrap-solutions .org?, no,
. punct:
           dot                                                             use a '.'
       com   .                        ..                                     net? no, .com

About Our Business

Mousetrap is a small corporation formed to provide reusable Functional Test systems and solutions
to the electronics, manufacturing and related industries.

These solutions range from cables and sub-assemblies sold to customers for their specific needs,
through generic, reusable, adjustable fixtures (the
Trap, the Mousetrap and the Drawer), to The 90%
Solution, The 95% Solution and The 98% Solution.

Over the years, several of the founders have been involved in manufacturing various electronic
products, and have seen the need for some sort of Functional Test.  The usual solutions are either
large numbers of workers (lots of personnel and management issues), or a custom test solution
(very good but expensive, long lead times, difficult to change).  In both cases, a lot of money is spent,
and very little can be recovered.

The Mousetrap founders are among the hundreds of thousands of people who have seen a need for
some sort of inexpensive, reusable, short-lead-time, test solution.

The Mousetrap founders, however, are among the very few who have done something about it.

The theory is that most people in need of a test solution of some sort, need something that can be
designed, altered and expanded on the fly, is essentially a fixed cost and short, fixed time
procurement system, and can be reused again and again.

We believe that the Mousetrap, the Trap and the Drawer are just that; calculable cost (essentially fixed
cost) and short, calculable delivery time parts and systems.  Because the systems and parts are
budgetable and therefore schedulable, they are managable.

This means that the problems usually associated with test development, increasing costs and
schedule slip, have been reduced to just test design and software development.
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