The Mousetrap System

The Mousetrap System is a fully adjustable, reconfigurable, and reusable desktop fixture.  It
has an internal capacity of 13 x 13 (an
ATX mobo will fit), and is 26" x 20", slightly wider and
longer than most ICT fixtures. The pan is effectively 17" x 17" x 5.75", since the shafts travel
with the upper frame, but there is about 15" x 2" available on each side.

The Mousetrap System is available as a stand-alone item, or as part of
The 90% Solution

The Mousetrap may be ordered with a J-Bar Kit, or with a Cartridge.  You choose what
you want and buy only what you need.  Extra J-Bars and Cartridges are available, and may
be mixed, to allow pogo-pin probing on the bottom, and manual access from the top.

Probes and cables are extra, see
Parts.  Instruments are also extra. See Services for The
90% Solution and The 95% Solution.

Do you prefer ICT-style probing? Do you need to quickly reconfigure for different
See the Mousetrap with the Cartridge, below.

here, here or here for Mousetrap applications suggestions.

The Mousetrap is derived from the Trap design experience, but the components are much
smaller, and so are not easily interchangable.
" > ">
for the bare Mousetrap (no Cartridge)
 + $   650.00  for a blank Cartridge
 + $   850.00 typical cost to machine, pin and wirewrap
----> $5000.00 approximate cost for the system shown
To order this item, please send a purchase order, with credit references, via e-mail
or regular mail to Mousetrap. See
Information for contact information.
Perhaps you need something
less adjustable and more swappable.
The Mousetrap
The Cartridge
Maybe you're a Contract
Manufacturer, or the in-house
manufacturing section of your
company, and need lots of
Functional Test Capacity, yet
also need to test many
different UUTs.  Of course,
you have a small budget.

Below is a picture of the
Mousetrap, with the J-Bars
and Probe Holders replaced
by Mousetrap Cartridge.
The Cartridge shown is blank,
in its delivered state.  It has
not yet been cut, drilled or
wired for a UUT.  This must
be done by your local service.

Cartridge (see Parts for
details and pricing) allows
ICT-like probing.  The middle
plate of the Cartridge holds
the UUT (or maybe 2-6 UUTs
depending on your UUT size).
The top and bottom plates of the Cartridge are drilled for pogo-pins and guide pins.  
The pogo-pins are then wire-wrapped to 1 or more headers on the top and bottom
just like ICT.

The complete Cartridge can be
swapped out and replaced by a different Cartridge, as
desired.  Just disconnect some cables, and unbolt the plates.

This allows 1 Mousetrap
90% Solution to provide Functional Test to a large number of
different UUTs (a Cartridge and related test software for each) for a fraction of the cost
of dedicated testers.

If you're a
Contract Manufacturer, you can now provide Functional Test to many
customers for a fraction of the previous cost, in a
business model similar to ICT.  Your
customers need only pay for test software development, machining, drilling and wiring
Cartridge (using your local service),  rental on any specialized equipment needed, and
test time on your Mousetrap.

Note:  The original development code-name for the Cartridge was "Cheese".   We
recommend using the product name "Cartridge".
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