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See Section 1 for Functional Test Solutions
See Sections 3, 4 & 5 for Functional Test Systems

1. Services           
Test Notes
3. The Mousetrap System and Parts
4. The Trap System and Parts
5. The Drawer System and Parts
6.  Stand-alone Parts                           New: PunchPlugs

Very many of the items that you will see are the subject of a pending patent.  We recently applied for
several patents, and expect to file for at least 2 more in the next few weeks (for items not yet shown).

Services section details The 90% Solution and The 95% Solution.

Figure 1 is a drawing of the various parts of a Functional Test suite.  
The 90 % Solution is a subset of
Figure 1; the
95%- and 98% Solutions can be built to look like Figure 1, if desired.

If you, or your boss, have ever wondered “ … why can’t we just get some equipment, then write some
code and be up and testing right now … and do it all in a fixed amount of time for a fixed amount of
money …”, then check
The 90% Solution.

If you know what tests you need to perform, and don’t mind writing some code , then we have the
solution for you.

Test Notes section is a general discussion of the importance of Functional Test, and lists some
very general guidelines for estimating wire count (test point count), throughput improvement for
testing 2 or more UUTs at the same time, etc.  If you've done enough Functional Test, you know why
the discussion seems a bit vague.

Systems (Mousetrap, Trap and Drawer) are reconfigurable, expandable and re-usable fixturing
systems that are designed with Functional Test in mind, but are quite useful in other areas.  Under
each system is a
Parts page, consisting of parts and assemblies that are specifically designed to
expand the relevant system.

Please note that several of the Trap and Drawer parts are in fact the same part.  These parts will
interchange between the Trap and the Drawer.

The Drawer (not the Drawer Extension) will bolt on to the Trap; in fact the Trap will accept 1 Drawer
on each side (so no need for the Drawer Extension in this case).

Stand-alone Parts sections consists of system-specific accessories and custom cables.  Other
products are due to be released soon.

Non-magnetic versions of the Mousetrap and Drawer are available.  We
substitute brass bolts for the stainless steel ones, brass or other non-magnetic springs for the steel
ones, and change the shafts to ceramic coated aluminum.  The Cartridge design changes slightly,
and we use completely non-magnetic pogo-pins (not "only slightly magnetic").

A high-voltage (about 500,000V) version of the Cartridge may be
It depends on the order, and what is required, as there probably will be a lot of
customization.  Our supplier will do virtually all of the work, as they are set up to do it, and they are
very good at catching technical problems in the design phase.   However, we, and they, are willing
(they really do call us every quarter, just to check).

Please note that all products are
shipped FOB Milpitas California, and that there is a 25% re-
stocking fee, plus return shipping, on returned items.
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