The Mousetrap Approach to Functional Test

You need Functional Test, and are thinking of doing it all yourself.  Figure 1, below, is a map of most of the
major items that you'll need and how they fit together.  There are actually quite a lot of parts, and this is part
of the reason that Functional Test takes time to implement.

(Figure 1 is actually a rather expensive
98% Solution, but it shows how the core 90% Solution can be
expanded with very little effort.)

You already have a UUT, so you have specifications, Gerber files, etc., and know how it works, so
specifying the tests to perform and the instruments needed will be easy.

You, or your consultant, can get the existing tests from Engineering and write the necessary Test Software. .

Trap, Mousetrap and Drawer provide most of the items indicated in the "Fixturing" area. You have to
specify things like loads, power (AC, DC, ...) and any external connections needed, but this is not difficult to

There are still a lot of things to purchase, schedule and assemble.  Our Solutions, described below, can
make a lot of the problems disappear.  See
Functional Test Notes for opinions and a discussion of
Functional Test.  Check the end for thoughts on test point count, what to test, and what not to test.  

The 90% Solution (described below Fig 1) fills in the basics of instrumentation, cabling and probing.
Just add your test software, and additional instruments and loads needed, and start testing.

The 95% Solution is a customized 90% Solution.  If you need different instruments, or additional ones,
and maybe other custom items, you can specify them up front, and save time.

Do you need a consultant?  Maybe we can help.  See
The 98% Solution (bottom) for more details.
Figure 1
This is an expensive 95% or 98% Solution, but it shows the expandability of the core 90% Solution
Services We Provide
Mousetrap announces:

“The 90% Solution”

Pending agreements with various instrument manufacturers, software vendors, and other companies,
Mousetrap will be offering
“The 90% Solution”.

Specifically, Mousetrap will be offering generic and partially customized integrated systems for use in
Functional Test and related areas.

These systems consist of a PC and certain instruments, a software development environment (generally
one of the popular ones; you choose), cables, signal conditioning and routing devices, probe cables and
probes, fixturing
(The Mousetrap or the Trap or the Drawer), loads, power supplies, etc.

In short,
just about 90% of everything needed for Functional Test.  The cost and time are calculable, and
therefore schedulable.  You supply the tests to be performed, locations to be probed, parameters to be
measured, and write the code.  No fuss, no muss, no external dependencies.
Mousetrap announces:

"The 95% Solution": Customer-specified Instrumentation

Again, pending agreements with other companies, and evaluation of specifications, Mousetrap will be
offering integrated systems containing customer-selected instruments and equipment.

This will be done by selecting items from a set of pull-down menus, then clicking "ok", and sending us
your Master Card number and expiration date.

It's just like
"The 90% Solution", only specifically tailored to your needs.
Mousetrap announces

“The 98% Solution”: Consultants

You're thinking about, or have already bought, "The 90% Solution" or "The 95% Solution".  Things are
working well until you see some unusual results and Engineering then specifies some special tests.

You might need the services of an independent consultant.  This is
“The 98% Solution”.  

Contact us at
  . ..          at                                     use the@sign
    mousetrap-solutions  . tv? .org?, no,
         dot                                                          use a '.'
      com   .                                                               net? no, .com

Maybe we can help.

Mousetrap is not in the software development business; we simply aren’t large enough.  However, we
know a few very good consultants, and can recommend them, and are always looking for more.
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